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2016 marks 10 years of the alexa collection. Woah!  It is even hard for me to believe sometimes. Years ago I received an abundance of vintage jewelry from my grandma. I instantly loved the materials and craftsmanship of these pieces. Many were outdated and needed a little TLC. I began to deconstruct and redesign them with a modern day flare.  Over the years I have been honored to work on priceless family pieces of passed love ones. There is a mystery behind each one. Who wore this last? Where did it come from? I love the beauty behind vintage.

Thanks to my husband's career, we have been fortunate enough to travel to places I have only dreamed of. I began to collect stones and sea glass from these adventures.  I have integrated these materials into my latest collections. Pulling inspiration from everything around me, my jewelry continues to evolve, but two things remain the same; all of my chains are vintage and everything is handmade! 

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