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It's that time of the year again when I find myself getting bored with my current wardrobe. I don't want to invest in anymore winter clothing with spring coming soon (hopefully right?).  This is when I turn to my trusty accessories; comfy scarves, chunky jewels and oversized hats. 

My first go to are oversized, blanket-like scarves. I love wrapping these around lighter jackets like my leathers.


Second, I have a great variety of somewhat smaller, yet still warm, scarves. These pair perfectly well with my duster sweaters and denim jackets.

Next, I have a few detailed scarves. These bad boys I wear with my heavy duty winter jackets or super thick sweaters. It is all about balance when it comes to pairing scarves with your attire. Both visually and by physical weight. You want to achieve a put together look not a sweaty hot mess. 

 If my outfit is looking a little blah I can always turn to a chunky necklace to spruce myself up. I adore a little druzy sparkle or even a bold choker piece!

Lastly, for those days when I am dressed head to toe in one basic color I toss on an oversized hat. Not only does it hide a possible bad hair day, it also instantly makes it look like you tried. 


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