| thrill of the hunt | thrifting |

Sheffield has proven to be a great thrifting city! I am a sucker for a day filled of sifting through old treasures.  In the last three months I have scored quite a few times.  

First, a vintage sugar bowl with a claw hand, as if drinking my morning coffee wasn't fun enough.  It's like a claw game with a sugar cube prize.  Next, a coffee table U2 book in mint condition.  I love this vintage floral bucket that we will use to store ice for our summer dinner parties.  How cute is this mini version of the popular coffee table The Fashion Book?  The next find was for little O herself.  Imagine my surprise to find one of my favorite childhood books on the thrift store shelf.  Lastly, a perfectly matching grey mirror and a distressed beach bag for our upcoming St. Maarten trip.